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Pulmonary Function Test or lung function test is a medical procedure that involves an evaluation of the respiratory system of the patient. This test is carried out to measure the function of lung capacity along with testing the lung and chest wall mechanics. The pulmonary function test procedure also includes examination of the patient’s history, chest x-ray, and arterial blood gas analysis to determine whether the patient has a respiratory disease or not.

The lung function tests gauge:

  • The amount of air you can take into the lungs
  • How well the lungs deliver oxygen to the blood
  • The strength of the breathing muscles.

The type of lung function test we do is:


This is the most common PFT test. This procedure is carried out to determine the amount of air you can breathe in and out of the lungs. Along with the amount of air exhaled, spirometry can also measure the speed with which air can be blown out of the lungs.

Pulmonary Function Test in HSR Layout